Truth Nation
Biography ~ Apostle Andre Williams, D.D.

Apostle Andre Williams was born September 7, 1984 in Orlando, Florida. He is the youngest of three children of Kevin and Sherrie Williams. Apostle Williams is the husband of Pastor Lady Jocelyn Williams, father of three children; young prince Nehemiah Logan, princess Jenesis Gloria and nerwly expected princess Williams. He was raised in Orlando, and attended Orange County Public Schools, where he boldly pronounced his faith in God unashamedly. He's a graduate of Maynard Evans High School where he took center stage singing under the anointing to God's Glory during graduation ceremonies.

Apostle Williams accepted Christ as savior at the tender age of 7, was filled with the Holy Spirit at 8 and began ministering at 9 years of age. Thoughout his pre-adult years he faithfully served his local church, World Outreach Center, former Pastor Benny Hinn along with his family in the Children's ministry. He later came to serve as a leader under a few separately appointed youth pastors, assisting in administration duties and overseeing renovation projects for the youth facilities, before joining the main choir where he periodically led songs.

Apostle Williams, then as Minister Andre was afforded his first ministry engagement with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 11th Episcopal District; commencing his itinerate ministry (AAW Ministries) at age 12, where he began taking the message of deliverance throughout the Central Florida area.

Apostle Williams continued in the capacity of administrator/psalmist/Exhorter under Pastors Clint Brown, Faithworld, Orlando, and Zachery and Riva Tims, formerly New Destiny Christian Center Church, Orlando. The latter which which culminated in him being noted as a Minister of Exhortation for a rapidly growing congregation of about 8000 members. His leadership as youth Pastor presented him the opportunity to minister regularly and see the church´┐Żs youth grow from 30 to over 400 teenagers, requiring the erection of a 34,000 square foot state of the art youth facility under his coordination, a work that he was very proud to have take part in.

In January 2006, Apostle Williams was released by his Pastor to take the pastorate for a traditional Missionary Baptist Church in Wildwood, Florida where he founded Truth International Church, an Independent Apostolic/Prophetic Word of Faith Ministry. From his tenure there he was consecrated as a Prophet and would see the ministry expand into Orlando, where it would eventually settle and continue to outgrow a few locations.

In 2009 the impact of the ministry of Apostle Williams, warranted his confirmation as an Apostle in the Lord's Church, where he now serves as a pastor to pastors submitted under the covering of Truth Int'l Church and presiding prelate of the EMET Fellowship of Churches; a small but growing fellowship that exist to ground young pastors and ministries in truth.

In January 2012, Apostle Williams received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Smith Christian University, further instilling the educational aspects of his life and ministry.

Amid his accomplishments, Apostle Williams has remained focused on cultivating his calling and gifting in the anointing. Preaching and teaching in various venues has allowed God to mold him and establish him in the faith; setting him up for a divine purpose. Apostle Williams is known for his sharp, relative, cutting edge message. He's shared platforms with many notable men of God, such as Bishop TD Jakes, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Apostle Ron Carpenter, Bishop Paul Morton, Pastor Riva Tims, Pastor William Murphy, III, and more. While he continues to make great strives for the Kingdom of God, Apostle Williams is a proud and active member of the Association of Independent Ministries (AIM) and spiritual son of its founder and overseers, Bishop I.V. & Lady Bridgett Hilliard. His ministry is known for its relative, grabbing and realistic approach. Apostle Williams speaks the truth in love. He is the cultivator of Truth Nation; a body of believers world-wide of one faith, one Baptist and one Lord committed to carrying the saving and healing power of God to the world, thereby making him in ministry a force to be reckoned with in faith, fervor and fortitude.